The Makers Assembly Project began in Washington, DC in 2013, inspired by a 1990’s record album and a community of talented but hesitant students and artists.  

MAP’s founders, Zach and Kristin, recognized that their city was filled with folks who are involved in compelling and diverse work, and it became clear to them that great things could emerge if somehow these people were placed in conversation with one another.

Driven by the idea of bringing together the voices of makers young and old, Kristin and Zach established MAP in order to broaden the conversation around artful practice by incorporating the perspectives of those who don’t always see themselves as artists.


zachary clark // co-founder + co-director

Zach Clark is a community-based arts educator originally from the great unsung state of Rhode Island. Zach holds an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in Visual Arts and Literature from Brown University, and has worked in various capacities with non-profits that include New Urban Arts, Sitar Arts Center, and Freedom School Partners, an affiliate of the Children’s Defense Fund. Zach is also a poor but diligent runner, renowned doughnut enthusiast, and founding member of the Outdoor Adventurers Guild.


kristin nagy // co-founder + co-director

Kristin Nagy is sort of a teacher, artist, builder, explorer, amateur web designer and committed scientific investigator. Kristin has studied at Harvard University, American University, Trinity College, and Michigan State and has degrees in the Arts and Education. In recent years, she has been researching arts integration and its impact on students with special needs.  Her current interest/obsession is in teaching kids about filmmaking in order to help them connect with literature.  Kristin is into road trips, the Great Lakes, and rock & roll music.   


maria rivas // production manager

Maria Rivas comes to us from the beautiful, mountainous city of Quito, Ecuador.  She came to the United States in 2006 to study communications and theater at Boston College, where she earned her B.A.  She fell in love with Boston and went on to pursue an Ed.M. in Arts in Education at Harvard University.  While living in New England, Maria worked for the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company where she learned all of her invaluable production skills.  In 2012, Maria moved to the District to begin a career in teaching.