July 1 - Reality Check

Mailbox Review #1:  ★★★☆☆

Mailbox Review #1: ★★★☆☆

14th & Randolph, NW

With less than 75 minutes to launch this month-long project on time, I hastily left a group of friends at Lyman's to "run a quick errand." Not knowing where to go I headed north on 14th street and almost immediately saw a friendly blue USPS mailbox. What a pleasant surprise! Prior to this moment, I had no clue this mailbox existed – even though I must have passed it dozens of times. Surely this new (and conveniently timed) discovery was a sign the project would be a great success. 

As I approached, I mentally congratulated myself for this early "win" and imagined sending future letters from this newly identified neighborhood amenity. It would easily fit into my regular routine as it's along a common running route and near Red Derby. Perfect. Then, almost on cue, the graffiti of a middle finger and two undesired cat-calls quickly brought those idyllic plans back to reality. "Not so fast," said the mailbox. "I'm here to do one thing: send your mail. I'm not about to be a fixture in your silly life, so send your postcard and move along." Yessir. 

Overall, I grant it three stars. With a sturdy, classic design and highly accessible location (not only is it easy to reach on foot, a nearby driveway facilitates accessibility for cars too), I trust my mail will be delivered. It's tone, though, was a bit edgy for my taste. 


Posted on July 2, 2016 .